The stats module provides a set of functions for calculating statistics of study and recall sequences of individual participants.

Counting recalls by serial position and output position#

count_outputs(list_length, pool_items, ...)

Count actual and possible recalls for each output position.

Counting transitions#

count_lags(list_length, pool_items, recall_items)

Count actual and possible serial position lags.

count_lags_compound(list_length, pool_items, ...)

Count lags conditional on the lag of the previous transition.

count_category(pool_items, recall_items, ...)

Count within-category transitions.

count_distance(distances, edges, pool_items, ...)

Count transitions within distance bins.

Ranking transitions#

percentile_rank(actual, possible)

Get percentile rank of a score compared to possible scores.

rank_lags(pool_items, recall_items[, ...])

Calculate rank of absolute lag for free recall lists.

rank_distance(distances, pool_items, ...[, ...])

Calculate percentile rank of transition distances.

rank_distance_shifted(distances, max_shift, ...)

Calculate percentile rank of shifted distances.