, hue='input', palette=None, marker='s', intrusion_color=None, orientation='horizontal', length=6, aspect=None, legend='auto', **facet_kws)#

Plot recalls in a raster plot.

  • df (pandas.DataFrame) – Scored free recall data.

  • hue (str or None, optional) – Column to use to set marker color.

  • palette (optional) – Palette specification supported by Seaborn.

  • marker (str, optional) – Marker code supported by Seaborn.

  • intrusion_color (optional) – Color of intrusions.

  • orientation ({'horizontal', 'vertical'}, optional) – Whether lists should be stacked horizontally or vertically in the plot.

  • length (float, optional) – Size of the plot dimension along which list varies.

  • aspect (float, optional) – Aspect ratio of plot for lists over items.

  • legend (str, optional) – Legend setting. See seaborn.scatterplot for details.

  • facet_kws (optional) – Additional key words to pass to seaborn.FacetGrid.